Communication Matters

Communication Matters

What and How We Communicate Matters

This is not an extensive list but a guide to help us communicate better together as a church. Our goal is to be clear. Not being clear is being unkind to our audience. Check out the items below to learn how we can work together more effectively.

  • Style Overview
  • Writing Basics
  • Approved Compass Language
  • Proofing + Editing
  • Events + Promotions

Style Overview

  • Message Always convey the message through the filter of our mission and core values.
  • Active Compass Christian Church has a style that feels strong and active-never forced but confidently gaining momentum.
  • Less Clutter The brand is orderly and tidy. By implementing grids, white space and order, the brand will stay relevant.
  • Consistent Adhering to the graphic standards implemented in the Branding Guide will maintain consistency in communication materials produced.
  • Informative Information has to be simple and to the point. It addresses the intended audience and is consistent using Compass language and style.
  • Accurate Accuracy is crucial in maintaining branding standards, attention to detail make sure all information is up to date and correct.


Writing Basics

  • Apostrophe Avoid using apostrophes in plurals. Example: CDs, URLs
  • Bullets Use consistent types of bullets in publications.
  • Capitalization Avoid all caps, except for emphasis. It gives the impression of YELLING. Capitalize pronouns when referencing the Deity. Examples: God, Father, Holy Spirit, He, Him.
  • Commas in lists of three items or more include the comma before and/or. Example: She has books, tape, and paper.
  • Exclamations Use sparingly!!!!!! One is enough!
  • Hyphens Do not hyphenate words at line breaks. Never hyphenate Web site addresses.
  • Numbers Spell out numbers one through nine and use numerals for 10 and above.
  • Periods One space after periods and at the end of sentences. Omit periods in incomplete sentences.
  • Punctuation in quotes The period and comma always go inside the quotation marks. The dash, the semicolon, the question mark and the exclamation point go within the quotation marks when they apply to the quoted matter only. They go outside when they apply to the whole sentence.
  • Abbreviations Avoid using abbreviations.
  • Sentences Choose active versus passive voice.
  • Titles Italicize titles to increase readability.
  • Dates Don’t abbreviate.
  • Email Italicize and lowercase email addresses in sentences. Never hyphenate email addresses.
  • Phone Phone numbers should be separated by dashes.
  • Times Use am/pm lowercase without periods. Example: 4:30pm
  • Web Use lowercase for all web addresses example
    The “www” is unnecessary on any other .com, .net, .org domains. Web is capitalized when referring to the worldwide Web. When used as an adjective like web address or web copy it is lower case. Omit periods in incomplete sentences.

  • Download Writing Tips & Tricks PDF

Approved Compass Language

This list is constantly being updated. If there is something missing that is missing, please let us know. Contact Us
Compass CCC
Worship Program, Program Bulletin
Connection Card The Flap
Receive the Offering Take the Offering
Put God's Word into practice Go[ing] Deep[er]
Community Group Small Group
Engage Class[es] Sunday School
Guest Visitor, Unchurched, Target Audience
Invite Recruit
Opportunity Need, Help
Experience Attend
Connection Intimacy
Community Fellowship
Team Committee
Compass Students Student Ministry
Compass Kids Children's Ministry
Compass Men Men's Ministry
Compass Women Women's Ministry
Compass Colleyville Main, Mothership

Proofing + Editing

  • Accuracy Double check dates, times and names.
  • Audience Is the copy simple, and does it communicate to our members and guests? Does it communicate to first-time visitors?
  • The Basics Are all the details of the Who, What, Where, When, Why & How included in the copy?
  • Style Is the copy consistent with the voice and style of writing of Compass Christian Church?
  • Spelling Double check spelling. Have someone who is not familiar with the document check for spelling.

Events + Promotions

Ministries are responsible for adding your own event to the calendar. If you get stuck or need access to add an event, contact us and we can help get you connected.
All web images (events, blog, etc) must be set to 1700x850 pixels for consistency. Download Event Planning Tips

  • Communication Vehicles
    All promotion requests will be considered for in the following communication mediums based on timeliness and scope:
    • Compass News Email
    • Stage
    • Worship Program
    • Website
    • Slide Loop
    • Social Media
    • Video

    If you have specific thoughts or ideas of promotion methods, include them in the Communications Request. A request for a specific communication vehicle (e.g. Stage) is not a guarantee that your announcement will be made via that vehicle. Promotions are not based on fairness; promotions are based on ministry priority.
  • Audience Priorities
    1. Community
    2. Crowd
    3. Congregation
    4. Committed
    5. Core
    Communication takes priority from the outside - in, not inside - out.
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