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Financial Peace University - Colleyville

Location: Colleyville

Tue, Apr 23 - Jun 18:   6:30PM  |  Location:  Colleyville

Financial Peace University - Roanoke

Location: Roanoke

Tue, Apr 23 - Jun 25:   6:30PM  |  Location:  Roanoke

Dynamic Marriage - Colleyville Campus

Location: Colleyville

Sun, Apr 28 - Jun 23:   3:30PM  |  Location:  Colleyville

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12 Habits That Lead to Divorce

Every married couple has exchanged vows which promise “until death do us part,” but for far too many marriages, their dreams of “forever” are crushed by divorce. According to government stats from the CDC, America averages one divorce every 36 seconds. That’s roughly 2,400...

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Show him the LOVE

With this “love” holiday coming up – it is always so hard to figure out something that will really demonstrate love. I mean every man loves his wife in sexy lingerie. So that’s a given. But be serious – its only actually on for a few minutes. How about a gift that keeps...

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Placing Hedges Around Your Marriage

We all get married and think it will be simple to navigate life together because we are with the one we love.  While that may be true at first, the years begin to tick by slowly then more quickly, and we find ourselves changing.  When we let the busy swirl of this life take...

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