Why Church on Thursday Night?

08/06/18 Compass Church

This past week, Pastor Drew discussed to all of our campuses how the Church Changes Everything. We continually evaluate and seek ways to create spaces and opportunities to invite people to connect with God. So, starting August 23 we're moving to a Thursday night service at Compass Colleyville.

Here's the why and the heart behind the decision:

  • Create an Invitation Culture for Our Families

The best way for someone to attend a church service is through a personal invitation. By offering a Thursday service, we have more opportunities to invite those who may not traditionally attend a church service on a weekend. 

  • Provide a Weekday Opportunity to Attend Church

There are so many activities happening on a weekend (kids sports, business travel, family trips, and many many more). The truth is there is always something happening every day of the week. A weekday option provides families an opportunity to be at church when they know they will be out.

  • Fulfilling our Mission of Navigating People to God

Our mission at Compass has always been Navigating People to God, and we are always looking at opportunities we believe God is revealing to us to fulfill this mission.

  • Increase Church Attendance Frequency

Recent studies have shown that the average person attends church 1.9 times each month. Wow! By offering a Thursday service, we believe people can make attending church a priority. 

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