Volunteer Spotlight | Elizabeth Peters 08/03/17 Claire Heath

Volunteer Spotlight | Elizabeth Peters 


Every Wednesday morning, Elizabeth walks into Compass Center greeted by women who serve as discussion group leaders, preparing their hearts for another morning of Bible Study. An hour later, cars roll up and women walk in to engage with other women from their community to worship the Lord together.

These women have become her friends, her support group and her family. Her prayer warriors as her kids grew up, through the trials she’s face, the good times and bad. They’ve been reminders of God’s goodness and faithfulness in her life. Countless conversations that end with tears or laughter.

Not only is Elizabeth a participant in the ministry of Compass Women, she’s an integral part to its history.

When I asked Elizabeth how long she’s been a part of Compass Women, she laughed and simply said, “many, many years”. Turns out in 1989, Elizabeth and two other women were a part of a small group in Bedford and each saw a need for a women’s ministry in their church.

“We saw the need for something to happen,” said Elizabeth. As soon as Bedford Christian Church moved to Colleyville and became Highland Meadows, a women’s bible study started. And thus, the beginning of the women’s ministry here at Compass.

Over the years as the ministry has grown, Elizabeth has seen hundreds of women walk through the doors to find community and friendship.

“I see the women coming in now and they are here because they need to be with other women. They’re choosing a good way to be with other women, in God’s word,” says Elizabeth. The ministry doesn’t only serve the women of Compass, but openly extends its arms to women in the community as a resource and place to share life with others.

My favorite thing about my conversation with Elizabeth was this: in every way Compass Women has advanced and grown, she gives all the glory to God. How God works through them, by giving the leadership team vision and opening doors. How God facilitates where a woman sits down on her first Wednesday morning at Bible study and a lifelong friendship being created.

The Ministry now holds weekly bible studies on Monday nights or Wednesday mornings at Compass Center. They also provide regular opportunities for you to invite friends to join and have a “night out”, whether that’s playing Bunco, painting or learning from guest speakers. Elizabeth is a part of planning these events.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Compass Women, the next event is happening  Tuesday, August 8, “Let Your Light Shine. Along with a light dinner and worship, author and blogger Courtney DeFeo, will share how to let your light shine in a way that honors God--with joy, even in hard seasons or when we feel we don't have much to offer.

More events are happening this month and next to help women get involved and plugged in. For more information, follow Compass Women’s Ministry on Facebook or check out their webpage at

Thank you, Elizabeth for sharing your story and being a wonderful volunteer for Compass Women after all these years. We are so thankful for you.

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