Sep 17 (26 days from now) 6:00PM Campus: Roanoke Location: Roanoke

Dynamic Marriage

Tuesdays | September 17 - November 19 | 6-8:30pm
Roanoke Campus |1101 Highway 114 West

Give us 9 weeks and we'll give you a Dynamic Marriage!
Dynamic Marriage doesn't just teach you; it'll change you!

Before you register for this course, please note it is expected that you will be able to attend 7 out of the 9 weeks of classes.

Dynamic Marriage takes you and your spouse on an insightful journey to discover each other's innermost emotional needs and expectations. Based on the "Love Bank" model from the book, His Needs, Her Needs by Dr. Willard Harley, you'll learn how communication and behavior styles affect the way you and your spouse act and react to each other.

Through an interactive learning process, you'll identify behaviors that may be damaging your marriage, develop healthy ways to deal with marital conflict and take concrete steps to meet each other's needs better than you ever have before.

Week after week, you'll uncover new perspectives about yourself and your spouse... all the while your newly acquired skills are becoming a natural part of your relationship. By the end, you and your spouse communicate, interact, understand and love each other  at a deeper, more intimate level.

Ordinary marriages become exciting!
Great marriages become exceptional!

Contact: Nancy Fitzgerald | (817) 906-1480 | Email
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