Group Resources

Group Resources


Wk9 - Do not Covet or Lie Download PDF
Wk8 - Don't Lie Download PDF
Wk7 - Thou Shalt Have Great Sex Download PDF
Wk6 - Do Not Murder Download PDF
Wk5 - Honor Your Mom + Dad Download PDF
Wk4 - Thou Shalt Take a Day Off Download PDF
Wk3 - Don't Take the Lord's Name in Vain Download PDF
Wk2 - Have No Idols Download PDF
Wk1 - No Other Gods Download PDF


Engage: Core Value
Ground Rules
Kids in Community
Serving in Community
Conflict in Community
Kayla Hurst

Kayla Hurst

Rooted Pastor

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Rory Green

Rory Green

Roanoke Next Steps Pastor

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