Why am I here? 02/24/17 Paul Dowler

When you are young but old enough to notice the vast star-filled night sky you ask God, "Why am I here?" You ask with innocence and anticipation because the possibilities truly have no limitations. What will I become? Who will I be? An astronaut? An artist? A fireman? An athlete? You can't wait to find out but in the meantime you play, you draw, you pretend, you dream.

When you are still young but old enough to have experienced the realities of life through the choices you've made or the inevitability of strife you look up into the vast star-filled night and scream to God, "Why am I here?!" Full of angst and impatience the question now ends with an exclamation and cry. What will I become?! Who am I?!

When you are no longer young you rarely look up into the vast star-filled night sky but when you do you ask God in a whisper, "Why am I HERE?" Settled and more secure, the question's focus shifts to your place in the stratosphere. Reflection opens your eyes to the path you've traveled and gives birth to a gnawing sense that there is more you're supposed to unravel.

Why am I here? 

Look into the vast star-filled night sky and ask God this question again. But ask it as you once did. God's purpose, your passions and the path to doing great things lies ahead. Ask the King to show you favor to accomplish this new vision. This broken beautiful world is in desperate need of your mission. #FavorWithKings


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